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Spring Fever Strikes

The Ozarks went from highs in the twenties to highs in the sixties. Plants are perking up. The first wildflowers are blooming. And the garden is calling, calling.

The spinach has sprouted in the raised bed. Other greens and snow peas are planted.

Will spring stay? Doubtful. It is only March. Cold crops can take a bit of winter. And it’s so wonderful to see those seedlings coming up.

Only One More Week To Get Your Free Copy!

Details about how you can get a free PDF of “Goat Games” are below. Don’t miss out!

Trying To Play It Safe

Vaccinations are starting in my county. Sign ups are through the internet and Facebook. I am on neither. I will keep looking around for an appointment, wearing a mask when I’m in town and staying home most of the time.

COVID doesn’t care about freedoms or politics. Viruses care only about reproducing in someone’s cells. Don’t be another victim. Take care. Wear a mask. Social distance.

Attention 4-H and FFA Leaders and Members! Free copies available!

cover for Goat Games by Karen GoatKeeper

For one more week I will give away free digital PDF copies of “Goat Games” to anyone who contacts me. This is a goat puzzle, trivia and information book. The PDF is only available through me as it is not formatted for a regular ebook. Sample pages are on the book page. Click on the cover or find it under Nonfiction on the Menu.

The print copy is available for $34.99 through Amazon.

Buying Books From My Website

Buying anything on line can be risky. Security is a big issue. I am not knowledgeable enough to provide this. So, any book purchase from my site is handled by other secure sites: Amazon, Kindle or Smashwords.

Check out the book pages, read the sample pages. Clicking on the Buy Buttons will take you to the appropriate secure place to purchase the book.

That leaves the pdf versions for my three nonfiction books: Exploring the Ozark Hills; Goat Games; and The Pumpkin Project. These are $2.99 each. Anyone wanting a copy of these needs to email me from the contact page. We can make arrangements through PayPal.

Old Barn

High Reaches has an old barn.

crows eat chicks

Ozark Hills is watching crows.

My Writing is discussing writing interruptions.

Updates are normally done on Friday afternoons. This is subject to weather or disaster delays.

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Visit me at: http://www.pinterest.com/karengoatkeeper. I try to keep up with boards on nature, my books, country living, gardening, my cats and my goats. Take care or you may spend hours browsing as Pinterest is a very interesting place to visit.


Visit me at: Goodreads. It is a great place to meet new authors, established authors and people who like to read. My reading goal this year is 70 books. I’m doing a lot of reading while staying at home. Have you read anything interesting lately?

Goat Galleries

Nubian doe Agate

New pictures are up in the My Goats and My Kids Galleries.

Nubian doe kid running

Glad You Stopped By

Things change here on KarenGoatKeeper almost every week. I hope you enjoyed your visit and found some topics of interest. You are welcome to drop by again.

Nubian doe High Reaches Drucilla's Rose

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Pat Johnson

    Karen, got your two new books and enjoyed them very much. I especially liked the ‘pooka’…..I have always enjoyed Harvey so this was special. Pat

  2. Pat Johnson

    Karen, I got my copy of Yarns of Ozark Storytellers and its GREAT. The one thing I always enjoyed when I lived there was the stories everyone brought in to the Cultural Center & shared with me. I miss that part. Was a great book!

  3. Elaine

    Thank you for your wonderfully detailed webpage on Wood Sage! I think I was able to successfully identify this volunteer growing in my native garden. We’ll see once it flowers 🙂

  4. Pat Johnson

    Karen, your books are do delightful, keep up the good work. I’m looking for to getting the printed copy of “FOR THE LOVE OF GOATS”. Please let me know when it is available (Amazon). I miss seeing & talking with you my friend! Pat

  5. Pat Johnson

    Karen,I LOVED IT!!!! It was whimsical, funny and so much fun to read. The play on words was awesome & you did a great job on the art work & color! I don’t believe anyone could capture the goats with any photography or drawings like you have, it has to be done by someone who feels & can express thru there experience and love. Great job, my friend!

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