Homestead Life

Kidding season has begun. My first kid, a little buckling, arrived last Friday. He’s a cute little kid.

Nubian buckling

High Reaches Precious Jewel had this cute little buckling.

At a Missouri Writers, Ink meeting I was speaking with someone who does a lot of blogging. She was saying how people seem to only tell the good things when they post on their blogs. After all, who wants to hear about the problems, the disappointments, the drudgery?

Watching Jewel’s new kid today I saw he was limping. When I checked he had a broken back leg.

It has healed so this kid’s leg was broken before he was born. It had healed itself and now it was strengthening as he learned to walk.

This is one of those things that happens when you raise livestock. It’s one of the things I wouldn’t normally mention except for what I heard at the writers’ meeting.

Homesteading sounds so wonderful on the web. Quiet days. Productive gardens. Healthy animals. That is the homesteading people like to write about, love to live.

That homesteading is often wishful thinking.

Weeds, deer, rabbits and disease invade the garden. Four wheelers, motorcycles and noisy trucks drive by on the road. Animals get sick and sometimes die no matter what you do.

That is the homesteading no one likes to write about. That is the homesteading reality that smacks newcomers in the face and can defeat them sending them back to the city and the reality they know.

Homesteading is a lot of work. It isn’t something you learn overnight. You learn something new almost everyday.

Homesteading is a way of living that can bring great disappointments and great joys. Most of the time it is spent putting one foot in front of the other checking off tasks on an endless list of things to be done.

Nubian doe and kid

Only a couple of days old, the buckling still enjoys being out in the sunshine. Jewel is on high alert. There must be something out there to threaten her baby boy.

Looking at that first new kid of the season learning to walk on his now healed broken leg I sighed. Harbinger of the season? Probably not. Just another event on the homestead.

The kid is doing fine. Jewel is a proud and attentive mother. The potatoes need planting.