Blue Morning Glories Take Over

One thing about the brush cutter: he cut the brush so close to the ground it’s still only a half dozen inches tall. The blue morning glories love it.

Even the poison ivy is having trouble recovering from being scalped. A few wildflower sprigs of yellow ironweed and various asters escaped and are trying to bloom. Blue morning glories spread their vines over all and bloom profusely.

blue morning glory flower
Blue morning glory flowers are best seen shortly after dawn when their blue color seems to glow. The flowers are only a couple of inches across, but numerous. They fade and wither after hot sun hits them.

Usually other vines take over the roadsides. Other years I found clematis, virgin’s bower, wild potato, wild yam and moonseed competing with taller brown-eyed Susans, Jerusalem artichokes and New England asters. This is the year of the blue morning glory.

My garden is a haven for morning glories. My fence is covered with them. My garden ones are the purple and the blue.

Morning glories can be a nuisance. They seed profusely. The seedlings will come up through six inches of mulch. They come up as soon as the ground warms up and continue to come up until killing frost.

blue morning glory plant
Morning glory vines twine around any object they encounter, even themselves. The vines are tough. When they get to the top of a gate, they hang out in space searching for something else to grab hold of. Once a half dozen strands run from a gate to a gatepost, it takes strength or pruners to get the gate open again. This is true even after frost kills the vines.

Since I have no real flower garden, the morning glories are a welcome bit of color. So I tolerate their shortcomings although pulling handfuls of seedlings can get annoying.

The purple morning glories are larger and more aggressive than the blue morning glories. In the garden two fence sides are for blues and the purple is on the other fences and a trellis. Both try to move into the bamboo.

The bamboo is popular. The woodchuck tried to dig a hole in it. The praying mantises lay their egg cases on the canes. The birds sleep among the canes and might build a nest there. Morning glories hang their blooms off the tips of the tallest canes.

morning glory leaf and flower
Blue morning glory leaves have three lobes. The flowers have the typical trumpet shape and the two colors, one at the base and another on the flaring edges.

The bamboo is not popular with me. I am busy trying to shrink the patch by half. It is in full attack mode sending runners out in all directions.

After three weeks of hot, dry weather, a half inch of rain fell. One of the joys of going out this morning was seeing the blue morning glories blooming profusely all along my path to the garden and barn.

Next year no doubt the other vines will again take over the roadsides. Still, I can enjoy the morning glories in my garden.