Spooky Sounds In Ozark Woods

For some people standing out in the woods alone with wind swaying the branches and spooky sounds shivering through the air might be scary. Don’t think such things happen only for Halloween. They happen any time of the year.

Before the fall kids were born, when Juliette and Drucilla looked like they were due any day, I went out walking. I walked down to the end of the south pasture and back up into the hill pasture to the persimmon trees to gather a few persimmons for Augustus.

The sound of a newborn goat kid froze me in my tracks. The call came again.

baby Nubian source of spooky sounds
Baby Nubian goat kids are vocal. When lost or upset, they are loud and insistent. Their cries are distinctive, or so I thought until the Ozark woods taught me otherwise.

I put down the persimmons and tackled the hill. That kid had to be up on the side of that hill, the worst hill to climb as loose gravel blankets its sixty degree slopes.

There was no kid. There were no goats.

The next day I was again gathering persimmons and heard the cry again. This time I walked to the base of the hill and waited. The call came again and I spotted the source. It was not a goat kid. It was not alive.

Groans, creaks and screams are some of the spooky sounds I’ve heard out in the Ozark woods. This was the first time I’d heard the sounds of a goat kid. All come from the same source.

Trees die in the woods for various reasons. Branches fall off leaving the trunks standing sometimes for years.

Ozark woods spooky sounds
Trees fall in the Ozark woods for many reasons. Other trees are often close neighbors and the one falling lands in a branch crotch. It can sit there for years before the dead wood decays enough for the truck to fall to the forest floor.

The roots rot. A wind comes by. The trunk falls and lodges in a neighboring tree.

Every time a stiff wind blows the live tree, it sways. The dead trunk rubs against branch and trunk and makes spooky sounds.

Sometimes two branches on neighboring trees rub against each other. These can produce spooky sounds too.

Even knowing what causes these noises doesn’t stop shivers going up the spine when the wind blows and spooky sounds start filling the Ozark woods.

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