Summer Goat Blues

My Nubian herd gets the summer goat blues in hot, dry weather. They stand in the barn looking out, wanting to go out and refusing to go out.

When convinced, the goats go out bunched closely together. They stand listening. And they hear the enemy zeroing in on them.

Nubian herd has the summer goat blues
The goats went out their pasture gate. They don’t know where to spend the day. Biting flies appear no matter which way the goats go.

There are several aerial attackers out in the hot summer weather. They are called stable flies, deer flies and three sizes of horse flies. The largest horse fly makes a loud buzzing as it streaks in to land on and stab its victim.

I’ve been bitten. It hurts a lot. All of these flies stab in leaving the goats with oozing sores.

summer goat blues don't stop the goat herd
The goats are hungry. The food is out in the pastures. Crowding together means your neighbor may be targeted, not you. The Nubian herd hurries out hoping to get some grazing done before the biting flies discover them.

The flies are worst in sunlit areas. When the weather is hot and sunny, the herd spends most of its time in the old cow barn making occasional forays out to eat until the flies zoom in and the herd retreats.

A week of cool weather slowed the flies down. The goats have enjoyed themselves immensely. They come in gorged on greenery.

Nubian wether goat eating grass seed
Warm season grasses are setting seed now. Grass seed is good grain to the goats so they reap as much as they can. This is High Reaches Juliette’s Lydia’s wether born back in April. He is enjoying his summer. He is for sale.

The hot weather drives me indoors much of the day. My computer is busy even though “The Carduan Chronicles” progresses slowly. This week it has been upstaged by an old project.

“Goat Games” was my first book. It started as a challenge to create puzzles about goats and morphed into much more. Along with lots of pencil puzzles, there are breed pages about fifteen different goat breeds, information pages including making cheese and ice cream and goat trivia.

Getting ready to have more copies printed, I looked over my files. And cringed.

"Goat Games" by Karen GoatKeeper
One of the special things about writing “Goat Games” was meeting so many goat owners. The people may be different, the young people grown up, but goat owners remain special in their relationships with their goats.

The summer goat blues arrived in the form of unanticipated editing. The pages were numbered incorrectly. Much of the writing needed adjusting. Some of the puzzles needed spiffing up.

The new copies of “Goat Games” will cost more as I printed them the first time, but not this time. The book will look much better as I have learned a lot over the years.

Unfortunately for my Nubians, the summer goat blues will return this week as hot weather again moves in.

Look over some sample pages and try to work the puzzles for “Goat Games“. I hear the puzzles are harder than I expected when I created them.