Choosing Wildflower Colors

Some wildflowers are definitely one color or another like Wherry’s Pink. Then there are those that leave me choosing wildflower colors.

Take Spring Beauty. From a distance the flower often looks pink. Up close the flower is white with pink stripes. It is usually classified as white. So I didn’t add it to my group of pink wildflowers.

choosing wildflower colors for common mallow
Common mallow, Malva neglecta, is pink and white. So is it more pink or more white? I decided to go with pink and put it in the Dent County Pinks book.

Common mallow or cheeses has the same white with pink stripes pattern. This one I did put in with my group of pink wildflowers.

Luckily thin leaf betony was easier. It was mostly pink so it is in my group of pink wildflowers.

However, there is the problem of goat’s rue. It is a big slipper shaped flower in two colors: cream and pink. The upright petals are cream and the slipper is pink.

choosing wildflower colors for goat's rue
I suppose goat’s rue,Tephrosia virginiana, could be classified as white because of the cream colored upper petals. I went with the pink slipper as that is more standard in color from one flower to the next. Yes, there is a beetle, a weevil, drinking nectar.

Most guides classify it as white. Choosing wildflower colors I preferred placing this one in my group of pink wildflowers.

Then there are the wildflowers that fade during the day. Rue Anemone is one of these. The buds show deep pink. The flowers open pink. By noon the petals are white.

When I go walking through the woods in spring, rue anemone is one of the early bloomers. The color I see is the pink scattered in patches on the forest floor. So I placed this wildflower under pink.

Soapwort flowers
Are soapwort, Saponaria officinalis, flowers pink or white? They tend to be pale pink early in the morning and fade to white during the day. I classified them as pink.

Soapwort is another choice. The flowers often appear to be white. Yet they are faintly pink and usually classified as pink. I followed convention.

Other flowers like Violet Bush Clover are named a color. When I see this wildflower, it looks pink. It is a violet tinged pink, but it looks pink to me. I deferred to the name and placed it in the blue and violet group of wildflowers.

choosing wildflower colors for violet bush clover
To me the flowers of the violet bush clover, Lespedeza violacea, look pink no matter when I find this plant in bloom. Someone thought it looked purple and named it purple. So I’m adding it to the Dent County Blues, Violets and Browns book.

Choosing wildflower colors is highly subjective. There are so many of them that are these blended colors. This is why, seeking a wildflower in a guide, it is a wise practice to look through more than one section before deciding the flower was not included in that particular list.

Lots of wildflower photographs are in “Exploring the Ozark Hills“.