Dealing with Writing Interruptions

Over and over writing instructions say a writer should write everyday preferably at the same time. Writing interruptions don’t read those instructions or, if they do, take delight in disrupting them.

What should a writer do when faced with such disruptions?

I’ve found fighting the problems is a waste of time. It’s better to accept the loss of a day or two than to force circumstances to conform to a schedule. They won’t. Creativity dies under anxiety.

Most of my writing interruptions are weather related. The latest was the polar vortex. It was coming and had no regard for human endeavors.

writing interruptions include snow and cold
The bird feeder was a busy place for the two weeks of snow and cold with the birds almost standing on each other, scouring the ground and devouring double the usual amount of seed and suet. The birds needed extra calories to keep warm.

My buck High Reaches Augustus has a roofed over open pen. Zero temperatures and wind are not healthy for him. Two days of my writing time was spent cleaning out the barn and constructing a pen for him.

Once the cold and snow arrived, the goats and chickens needed attention every few hours. No water could be left out. Food disappeared as the animals wanted extra for calories to keep them warm.

My house is old and drafty. The wood stoves tried, but my computer room stayed at sixty or below for five days. I used the time to read and do mending. Thinking is difficult when the feet are turning into ice cubes.

A friend asked me to edit a story for her. It’s the beginning of a novel. I rarely do editing for anyone else as I simply can not work on someone else’s story and one of my own at the same time.

These are examples of writing interruptions. They suspended my work on “The Mounzz of Autumn” for the month of February.

Another problem is not wanting to write. Procrastination sets in. I sit in front of the computer and stare at it. Every sentence gets redone several times.

The three blog posts for my website fix this problem. They must get done and done on time. It seems to help that they are on other topics.

Once I’m back to typing away, the writing interruptions become a thing of the past. Now comes the next problem. After a month away, I must go back to the Planet Autumn and the crisis developing on West Station.

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