Deer Season

In rural areas deer season is a much anticipated event. Many hunters start with bow season, go on to black powder season and to firearms season. Most of the ones I’ve talked with are hunting primarily for meat.

That is the case for the family we allow to hunt here. We aren’t vegetarians, but eat limited amounts of meat, so we don’t hunt. This family eats a lot of meat and loves venison.

deer season doesn't bother this doe deer
Having someone standing in the open taking pictures doesn’t alarm our regular backyard deer visitors. They show up in late afternoon to graze on the lawn, much better than elsewhere and raid the persimmon tree.

Many city people hate to see hunters kill deer. I can sympathize as deer are beautiful animals. However there is a limit.

A group of six come through the back yard almost every night. Three are older does. Three are this year’s fawns. Next year those older does will have new fawns and many times these will be twins. Even if they all single, the backyard group will increase to nine. The following year it would be fifteen. And that is only those we see.

backyard deer herd visit even during deer season
Some of the deer don’t even look up for their pictures. They just keep eating the grass. Lawns are nice for that. Mowing makes the grass grow back thick and lush even in the late fall. Nothing, not even hunters in November, bother them here. Of course the cats might be dangerous, so the deer stomp their feet and move to the back of the yard.

There are rumors of a cougar in the area. And someone supposedly caught a bear on a wildlife camera. Coyotes run the hills. Even so, deer are numerous here. If the herds get too large, disease moves in.

Deer season is a chance to cull out some of the deer. The hunting family has taken four home so far.

Unlike some modern day so-called hunters who drive along the roads looking for something to shoot at out the windows, these people park their vehicle and walk out into the woods. They wait for an adult deer to come out into the pasture and try to drop it with a single shot. The dry weather has made that difficult as the leaves rustle at any movement.

stay at the hunter's truck for safety during deer season
The hunters arrived and parked. They took their guns and gear off to the far fields in search of deer. The smart deer moved in to graze around the now abandoned truck.

The solution for the three men here one evening was to climb up into the old shingle oak standing at the edge of the hill pasture. That tree hasn’t been climbed in at least thirty years, if ever. It worked out as deer don’t look up.

Deer season lasts two weeks. Then I can get back to work on the fences.