Determining Points of View

Points of view in Mounzz of Autumn has become complicated. I suppose it has always been that way and I didn’t notice.

This second book in the Planet Autumn series is centered on basic genetics and that has been the difficulty up to now. The real problem was sitting down and working out the genetics.

I like the mounzz and all their colors. These should make the genetics easy. They don’t.

In Prelude To Autumn everyone is at Central Station. It sits in the center of a circular meadow (suspiciously circular) where the mounzz graze. These animals come in vivid colors: red, blue, purple, orange, yellow and blue and yellow stripes.

For those familiar with a color wheel, purple is a blend of red and blue, orange is a blend of red and yellow. The blue and yellow stripes are an argument between blue and yellow. Dig out hazy memories of codominant and incomplete dominance in genetics.

mounzz sketch
At first Fred and the others look out the Observation Window and see these mounds scattered on the meadow. They later find these are creatures they name mounzz in “Prelude To Autumn”.

However, there are other basic genetic combinations. There is simple dominant recessive and sex linked. Add a bit of complication with a second gene affecting how the colors are expressed.

Obviously all of these would be difficult to lump into the group of mounzz found around Central Station. The solution is to have more than one Station and there are four. So I finally sat down and put the genetics in order for each of the Stations.

That brings me back to points of view. In Prelude To Autumn Fred is the main character and tells the story. In Mounzz Of Autumn Fred is now living at East Station. That leaves me with blanks at Central, West and South Stations.

Fred is again telling the story at East. But other characters are prominent at the other Stations. Fred is stuck at East. The original draft went to third person for the other Stations, but first is much better and matches the first book.

So now I am revising the points of view in a new draft. Alexandra takes over at South. Abdul heads up South. Adrian is watching over Fred’s blue mounzz at Central. And writing has become complicated once again.

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