Eating Meat

When I was growing up, meals were planned around meat, potatoes and a vegetable. Eating meat was the norm and almost everyone did.

I still tend to plan meals in the way my mother did with a protein, a starch and a vegetable. However my definitions of these three have expanded.

There are more vegetables to choose from. My garden is transitioning from spring choices like beets, bok choi, spinach and peas to summer choices of mostly tomatoes, squash and okra. A few greens such as mizuna and lambs quarters do grow in warmer weather.

eating meat Not this goat kid
Nubian doe High Reaches Rose has a friendly buck kid. He comes into the milk room and learned in a time or two to get up on a stand to eat.

Starches now include rice, pasta and the occasional Jerusalem artichoke. These last taste and cook fine. Cleaning the dirt off of them is time consuming.

As years go by, meat has become more of a side dish than the main one. Eggs, beans and cheese replace eating meat some days.

Becoming a vegetarian has been considered, but rejected. This is not because killing animals for food is so terrible. After all, nature works that way.

The big sticking point is becoming a hypocrite. I raise livestock. When my goats have kids, many of them are bucks. This year all five were bucks.

In the goat world as in the cow world, one or two males are kept for herd sires. The others must be sold, usually as meat animals.

young goat used for eating meat maybe
Young goat kids love to run and play. This youngest twin buck of High Reaches Valerie live life to the full for now.

One of my five buck kids has been sold as a herd sire. That leaves four now up for sale. I can not keep them.

These four are friendly. I work with them daily. One is spotted. Another has striking markings. One wants to be a pet and is cute. One is much like Augustus without the spots.

baby Nubian buck goat kids
Goat kids play hard for a time. Then they lie down and rest. The top one is High Reaches Rose’s boy. The other is High Reaches Valerie’s boy.

Not many people in my area keep dairy goats. There are quite a few people who want goat milk to drink, but they don’t want to do the milking and goat care.

With hopes someone does want American Nubian herd sires, I am advertising these four buck kids. But I realize they may end up on someone’s dinner plate. Eating meat is still a fact of life for most people.

Hazel discovers chickens are used for meat as well as eggs in “Mistaken Promises“.