Exploring Pumpkins

Plants grow all around us although we often ignore them or call them weeds. They are interesting to study and that is the real purpose of exploring pumpkins in “The Pumpkin Project”.

Pumpkins are interesting for lots of reasons. They are fun to grow. They are good to eat. They are fun to decorate. They are used in competitions.

exploring pumpkins by decorating them
People think of carving pumpkins. There are other ways to create interesting pumpkin decorations. This contest included this dog, a snake, pumpkin men and more.

I began writing “The Pumpkin Project” with the investigations. Each one of these suggested topics for puzzles. That took me to the internet where I began exploring pumpkins.

One site I found is devoted to growing giant pumpkins and entering them in competitions. People from all around the world grow these pumpkins and I emailed a few. Their stories are in the book.

Other sites listed sayings and trivia about pumpkins and there are lots of them. Some of these became puzzles or notes in the book.

exploring pumpkins by growing giants
Young Ben is seven with his first giant pumpkin, 307 pounds. The older Ben has grown them for many years and now judges at the local weigh in.

Did you know pumpkins began in South America and were grown only for their seeds? They weren’t even orange then.

I love looking at seed catalogs and packets. How do all those seeds get into those packets? I didn’t know and I found out.

Of course one activity is growing pumpkins. Some pumpkin plants are small enough to grow in a large pot. Others will take over an entire garden.

Lots of people love to decorate pumpkins and this makes a great activity. I prefer to eat them and I found lots of great recipes which I made and enjoyed eating. The cookies with lots of walnuts in them are my personal favorite.

Missouri state record giant pumpkin
Richard Bottorf loves growing giant pumpkins. He spends a lot of time preparing his pumpkin patch and caring for his pumpkins. It paid off several years as he set new Missouri state records.

My garden still includes sugar pie pumpkins. These are the best eating pumpkins. My goats think so too.

The book began as a botany science book. Once I focused on and began exploring pumpkins, the book was a lot more interesting and fun.

Get started on your pumpkin investigations, puzzles and activities. Check out “The Pumpkin Project“.