Finding Peace In Nature

Radio news is endlessly about the pandemic. It’s so hard to relate to this. When I get upset by it, I go walking finding peace in nature.

I moved out of the city fifty years ago. At first I missed things like the stores, the theaters, even the people. I wanted to move back.

In the meantime Jennifer, my first goat, was born. I started walking around my father’s place.

The chance came to go back to the city. There were so many things I thought I wanted to do. When I got there, I was lost. I no longer belonged. I went home to the country.

Ozark woods show peace in nature
Stand on the hillside, Breezes ruffle through your hair, Peace seeps through your soul. Nature may seem a peaceful scene for contemplation. It can bring peace to one who is filled with stress and worry. In reality nature is filled with danger for those living on the hills.

As a writer I read how publishers want articles and books about other cultures. Rural areas are another culture which we don’t recognize as we assume everyone is much the same.

The difference has become glaring to me over the past year. I hear how people were stuck in their apartments or houses. Their options were limited.

I can understand how frustrated that can be. Living up north in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I would get cabin fever over the winter stuck inside looking out at the waist deep snow and longing for spring.

Perhaps that makes me value even more being able to walk out of my house and half a mile over the pasture and up into the hills whenever I can manage. Finding peace in nature keeps me sane on those days when nothing seems to work out.

Standing out in the midst of the trees or looking down the creek or watching the vultures soar overhead brings a quiet deep inside. That feeling finds me trying to express this in words. Haiku is an easy way to do this.

cover for My Ozark Home by Karen GoatKeeper

When I can’t get outside, looking through my pictures taken over the almost thirty years I have lived here now helps too.

Finding peace in nature formed the basis of “My Ozark Home”. Perhaps looking at the pictures and reflecting on the haikus will do the same for those still stuck in the city.

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