Making Writing Fun

There are times when writing is plain hard work struggling to keep putting words down and forcing the story to unfold. That’s when it’s time for making writing fun again.

I was working on “Dora’s Story” trying to get the timing right. There was a missing year to fill in somehow. I began to hate sitting down and staring at the same old problem.

November was coming. I was looking for an idea for a new novel. I needed a diversion. Where would an idea come from?

cover for Capri Capers by Karen GoatKeeper

At the time we were watching old Rin Tin Tin movie serials. For those unfamiliar with Rin Tin Tin, he was a German Shepard hero from WWI who began working in the movies. His sons followed him. There was even a television series.

The movie serials were short chapters in an ongoing story created to keep people coming back to the theaters every week. Each chapter ended in an impending disaster which was somehow averted at the beginning of the next episode.

Growing up my father used to tell us about his high school dramatic ventures. His group would write and perform a new melodrama for the lunch crowd every week. He always played the dastardly villain. At graduation the student body roundly booed him which is the correct way of cheering a villain.

As with “Goat Games” I thought why couldn’t such a serial be written about a goat? So began my wiring project for November, a way of making writing fun again.

First I needed a list of characters: hero, heroine, villain(s). Second I needed a list of possible disasters. Each disaster became an episode written in the original format with the disaster averted at the beginning of the next chapter.

Capri Capers” was not intended originally as a novel. It was only a way of making writing fun again. Except the story was so much fun.

Serious rewriting and editing turned the draft into a novel. Making writing fun was achieved so “Dora’s Story” got done too.