My Orange Cat

Some years back wandering tom cats would show up, stay a few days and move on. My Orange Cat was one of them, except he liked it here and stayed.

My other cats were fixed and most indignant to have an interloper move in. Orange Cat persisted staying in the barn. Eventually the hullabaloo died down and he started visiting the house.

Orange Cat snoozing
On nice days Orange Cat finds a quiet corner to curl up in. In fall this is often a sunny spot. In summer it is a shady spot. He gets into trouble when he finds a spot in the garage or shed and forgets to come out in the evening before the door is closed.

Cats grow old too. One by one my cats have died until only four are left. Orange is one of them.

This tom cat is now fixed. He stays around the house and barn terrorizing the local chipmunk population. He no longer wants to be held, but loves petting and being around.

Orange Cat Goes on a Hike
Orange Cat may not like being picked up or curling up on a lap, but he loves to keep us company. He looks forward to going on hikes down the road or across the pastures. It can be difficult to get away without having him a short way behind you.

A highlight of this cat’s day is when someone goes for a walk. He tags along. He spent the evening out in the pasture with us waiting for the crescent moon. That was boring from his point of view. Other days he walks a quarter mile down the road and back. This is much further than he normally ventures on his own.

At the house Orange Cat has a rival. Cream was a later arrival and, in Orange’s view, should leave or at least be subservient. They argue over this with first one then the other being top cat for a few days.

Orange Cat deciding what to do next
The day is nice. Orange Cat is back from a morning hike. He is ready to do something else, but what? He can play with Mira, my special grey cat, or he can check out the garden or find a good napping place.

Now and then Orange doesn’t come in for the night. In the morning his plaintive, becoming indignant, meows come from the shed or garage where he has been stuck all night. This is our fault even though he ignored calls for him to come out in the evening.

Rainy or cold days are times to stay in the house. Orange stakes out a chair and sleeps through the day. It is his chair and we are to sit somewhere else.

The attitude remains as Orange sprawls out in the middle of the floors expecting us to walk around him. He may have arrived a refugee. He remains as an owner.

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