Old Barn Still Standing

How old is my barn? We’re not sure. The original part of the house was built around 1910, so it is an old barn.

Like the house, the barn has been renovated numerous times. Like the house, these renovations were cobbled together.

The original part has piled rocks as a foundation. The walls had no braces, only frames held together with upright oak boards. Oak is one tough wood.

Old Barn
As lumber ages, it dries out and shrinks. The roofing tin covers the gaps between the boards making the barn less drafty. The roof sags a bit in the center as the old barn is starting to settle. The tin is newly tacked down as this winter would have blown some of it off. It is a challenge in making due with what is here.

There was a lean to section. Originally it was probably used for the tractor and other equipment. One of the renovations was to put in a cement floor with trough along the outer side and wall it in. Water pipes were included.

The water pipes are long gone. The doors where hay was dumped out into a hay trough are still there. The cement is still there. Evidently it was used for dairy cows.

Hogs were moved in later and hog doors were cut into the outer wall. Those are still there too. The goats open the hooks regularly although the doors no longer really open.

The oldest section of the barn has a wood floor about a foot up off the ground. Pieces of the floor boards are missing as is one side of the barn used in a house renovation to put barn wood on the walls. The wall is now plywood and roofing tin. Plywood covers the floor holes.

Nubian buck High Reaches Augustus in his pen
Snow blew into the buck pen during the snow storm. It sat in a pile along the wall for ten days before melting. My Nubian buck High Reaches Augustus was locked in a pen inside the barn keeping a bit warmer. He was very glad to get back into his own place with room to move around. He expects dinner.

At first we planned to tear the thing down and replace it with a new one. Such plans are easily put off for one reason or another. The new barn was never built.

There is no point in building that new barn now. The last of my herd is slowly dwindling as my adults will live out their lives here until they die. The youngest, High Reaches Valerie, is now three.

The old barn is still standing. It is getting shaky and, if the next people here want to raise livestock, they will have to build that new one. In the meantime I’m hoping this one outlasts my goats.

Old farms have old buildings like the old house Hazel Whitmore moves into in “Old Promises“.