Playing with Water

Science activity books try to make learning science fun. What is more fun than playing with water on a hot summer afternoon?

Water is easy find in the United States. We take it for granted that we can turn on the tap and fill a glass with clean water. That is not true in many countries or even some places here. Where do people get their water? What do other people call water?

Those are some of the questions I tried to find answers for as I wrote “The City Water Project”. The answers I found are in water trivia notes, water puzzles and water stories.

Why is water special? Is water so special? Will hot water float on top of cold water? Can you heat water in a paper pan? Why does ice float?

cover for The City Water Project by Karen GoatKeeper

Maybe you think water temperature goes up continuously as ice becomes water becoming steam. Does it?

Next time you use a straw, ask yourself why and how a straw works.

I knew a lot of the investigation results because my science classes did many of them. Many of my students enjoyed playing with water as we worked outside on sunny, warm days at the end of the year.

playing with water activity
One activity in “The City Water Project” is putting a layer of hot water on a layer of cold water. This is possible because hot water is slightly less dense than cold water. It still takes careful preparation and patience to achieve this result.

Even so, I did every single investigation and activity before putting them in “The City Water Project”. There were some changes I needed to make so anyone could get good results. And this made me use the directions I so quickly dashed off, after all, I knew how to do these. But you may not so the steps had to be clear and easy to follow.

Perhaps you wonder why water matters to me. My father had no running water in his house and I lived there several years.

The last activity is truly playing with water. Making and flying a water rocket is challenging, fun, and a way to get wet. How high will your rocket fly?