Visiting My Goat Herd

Fall has definitely arrived. One cool, sunny day I walked out to take a few pictures of the hills in color and ended up visiting my goat herd.

An electric line runs through the pasture making the nicest pictures of the hills from a vantage point out by the pole. I saw the goats off in the far end of the pasture checking out the persimmon trees.

It was early afternoon, far too early to call the goats in for the night. All I wanted was a quick couple of pictures. I opened the gate and slipped out into the pasture.

The goats were busy. I was quiet and at least a hundred yards away. They saw me.

visiting my goat herd
My Nubian goats spotted me out in the pasture and came over at a run to see what I was doing. They always seem to think I am doing something or going somewhere much more interesting than whatever they were busy with.

By the time I took my couple of pictures, I was visiting my goat herd. Several wanted to be petted. A couple checked out my camera. It might be edible.

The goats checked to see if I had any persimmons or other treats. I didn’t.

The herd milled around waiting for me to take them off somewhere. I took pictures of them.

Nubian doe High Reaches Rose
Nubian doe High Reaches Rose loves attention. Having me visit the herd makes her decide between grazing or coming over for petting. Petting often wins.

Finally the goats began wandering back the way they had come. They kept looking back to see if I was going any where yet.

I considered walking up the pasture. My goats would gladly tag along. Since I didn’t have my orange vest on and it was youth weekend, I watched the herd go back up the pasture without me.

Nubian doe looks at me visiting my goat herd
Nubian doe High Reaches Spring is watching me. She is sure I will take the herd someplace great, maybe knock down a bunch of persimmons.

Working in the garden later I heard shots from across the road from the pasture. The goats came running up near where I was working. Much as I enjoy visiting my goat herd and going walking with them, such outings will have to wait until after hunting season. I will get out my orange vest to wear and not wander off too far from the house and barn.