Waiting For Kids To Arrive

Kidding seasons here are difficult anymore. Few, if any, kidding dates are definite. So March and April are spent waiting for kids to arrive.

With only fourteen does, having kidding dates should be simple. When a doe I want bred comes into season, Augustus gets to visit.

Pest, one of two wethers, took care of that idea last fall. He found he could open Augustus’ gate. This was fun.

There is a spring hook on the latch. One time was my fault as I was in a hurry and forgot to latch it. Another was sort of my fault as I was going to let everyone out to pasture in a half hour and didn’t latch it.

Then there was the board that fell off. Augustus is a big buck, around 200 pounds. He still managed to squeeze through that foot high hole.

Nubian buck kid reward for waiting for kids
Nubian doe High Reaches Pamela was first in the waiting for kids game my does are engaged in this spring.

So now I am watching my does. Which ones are bred? Some have become obvious with their bulging sides and swelling udders. Others are maybes. Some still cycle and are definitely not bred.

Pamela has had a buck kid. She is a happy mother goat most of the time. Wet weather has kept the herd in so she has lots of company. The kid is now old enough to be out with the herd.

Agate should be next. Of course she is past her due date which I had carefully written down. Of course she looks like any time. I check her over every milking time, but am still waiting for kids to arrive.

Valerie is supposed to be due after Agate. She is now looking like she may have her kids before Agate. And that leaves Spring and Rose to watch and wonder if and when.

This waiting for kids to arrive was not supposed to happen this year. I replaced the gate posts that had rotted off. I fixed the fences. I thought I fixed the buck pen.

The good part is seeing pretty, healthy kids. Maybe next season I can have all the due dates written down.

Kidding season can be chaotic especially for first time goat owners as in “Capri Capers“.