Who Is Edwina?

Some years ago I heard about a family involved with a divorce, a remarriage and the problems the daughter had because of it. I imagined a story about her and named her Aleta. So, who is Edwina?

Aleta was an only child. She adored her father. He threw her out along with her mother and filed for divorce leaving his daughter devastated. She is now only a weekend and holiday visitor.

To complicate the story the father finds a girlfriend with children of her own and marries her. Aleta is no longer an only child.

cover for Edwina by Karen GoatKeeper Who is Edwina? Read it to meet her.

Such a set up gives so many possible plots. I chose one where the stepmother has a daughter Aleta’s age. Both are preteens. Both had status before this marriage. Both want to keep this status. Megan has practice topping her little brother. Aleta doesn’t.

What does any young person need when life has them down and is beating them down further? A friend. How do you find a reliable friend?

Aleta found Edwina. Who is Edwina? Aleta isn’t sure. After all, a big, shaggy, black dog with red eyes who can talk is not exactly the usual pet.

Such an animal must be a delusion. No one but Aleta can see Edwina. Further proof Aleta is hallucinating.

At this point the plot has even more possibilities. A big, invisible dog can so a lot of things. Think of all the pranks Aleta and Edwina can pull if Edwina really exists.

Poor Megan doesn’t stand a chance. Or does she?

Aleta’s life has changed because of her father’s decision. That decision stays. Aleta has her own decisions to make now. Will she remain Megan’s enemy?

Who is Edwina? Aleta doesn’t know, but if she is lucky, Edwina will help her make some of those decisions.