Writing Book Series

After writing “Old Promises” I found I’d left Hazel and her mother in the middle of everything. Somehow I’d found I was writing a book series without meaning to.

Series are very popular with writers. If readers like a series, they look forward to the next book. The series sells. And writers do need to sell books to support their writing habit.

cover for Broken Promises, Hazel Whitmore #1 by Karen GoatKeeper
The first book in the Hazel Whitmore trilogy introduces Hazel as she deals with grief and bullying in New York City.

The ending of “Old Promises” was based on a crime committed many, many years ago in Dover, Arkansas. In the third Hazel Whitmore novel I imagined what might have happened afterwards with the characters in the two books.

Right away I had problems. Writing book series requires lots of notes about the characters, the plots, the settings. Every detail must be right in every following book.

Old Promises, Hazel Whitmore #2 by Karen GoatKeeper started me writing book series
In this second book about Hazel Whitmore, she moves to rural Missouri only to find she is in the middle of a family feud.

I did not have those copious notes as I never intended to keep writing about Hazel. All my other books had been single novels.

So I read the first two books making up those copious notes. Then I started writing “Mistaken Promises” with the premise that someone didn’t believe Hazel didn’t cause all the problems that came to a disastrous climax.

I knew who this person was. I thought I knew why. Except I didn’t.

Fictional characters aren’t real. Except they are real in their stories and the minds of their authors. And this person I thought was the villain of sorts wasn’t that person at all.

Mistaken Promises, Hazel Whitmore #3 by Karen GoatKeeper completes writing book series about Hazel for now
Family secrets can have unintended consequences as Hazel finds out in this third book about Hazel Whitmore.

It took months for me to sort out everything. Then I did know who and why. Then “Mistaken Promises” could be and was written.

There are a few people who enjoy reading about Hazel. In some ways I miss her and would like to continue her story. There are lots of possibilities.

Writing book series takes a commitment I am not willing to make right now. I’ve gone on to other projects. So, for now, this series is a trilogy.