First Spring Kids

My first spring kids have arrived. Of course, Juliette had twin bucks. Not that it matters as all of my kids will be sold.

There are all these signs to watch for to tell when a doe is due to kid. The due date arrives. The udder fills. The tail bone ligaments get too lax to feel. The sides of the legs sink in. The flanks sink in.

Juliette showed these three weeks ago. Every day I watched the temperatures and her. No kids.

Newborn Nubian buck kid one of first spring kids
Getting born is tough. After a quick drink of colostrum, it’s time for a nap. This brown with frosted ears and nose American Nubian buck kid was born March 14 to High Reaches Juliette.

The warm weather passed. Frosty nights came back. Juliette still laid around chewing her cud ignoring me. Cool weather moved in.

Each dry day Juliette followed the herd out. Every evening I counted goats as they came in wondering if I was going out searching for her and her kids.

I’d cleaned out the barn and prepared a pen for Juliette and her kids. It remained empty, coveted by others as the best place to relax and sleep.

Monday morning was a quiet morning. Even the chickens weren’t complaining very much. Out of new habit, I opened the door to check on Juliette before getting ready to do chores. She was busy cleaning up her first kid. My first spring kids were arriving.

Newborn spotted Nubian buck kid
Nubian doe High Reaches Juliette is polled and it looks like this newborn gray spotted with frosted eard and nose, white cap American Nubian buck kid is polled too. Even as a newborn this kid is alert and curious about everything.

This is not the first kidding for Juliette. She is a good mother. She was in a good spot with no one close to bother her. I did chores.

By the end of chores, Juliette had a second kid. Both were fine, big kids. Both had their heads up looking around.

The kids are now three days old. They are tired of staying in their little pen. The herd doesn’t scare them.

My first spring kids may both be bucks, but they are strong and healthy. Juliette is fine. That makes seventeen Nubians living here for now. The race is on between Spring, Valerie and Agate for next doe to kid.

Another special kid is Star whose story is found in “For Love of Goats” along with lots of tongue twisters and illustrations.