GKP Nonfiction Books

Fiction books can be fun to read. Nonfiction books can be too. They can also be a way to learn about nature and science, at least on GoatKeepers Press. At present two authors are represented with nonfiction books.

Karen GoatKeeper has taught science, raised dairy goats for years and been interested in nature and conservation all her life.

Dr. Rintz is a botanist with special interests in milkweeds and pipevines. He has completed two books, one on the Common or Syrian milkweed and the other a book of translations of papers following how botanists discovered how pipevine flowers work. These are nonfiction and only available in print.

Nonfiction Titles available from GoatKeeper’s Press:

The Syrian Milkweed: How A. syriaca L. Got Its Inappropriate Name traces the history of how this particular plant was discovered, then mistaken, then misnamed.

Discovering the Floral Biology of Aristolochia follows the botanists and their work on Aristolochia. Most of these botanists were German and wrote in Latin and German. This book translates these papers into English.

The Pumpkin Project has science investigation, projects, stories, recipes, trivia and puzzles about pumpkins.

Goat Games is full of goat puzzles, facts, breed pages and owner interviews and trivia.

Exploring the Ozark Hills embraces the Missouri Ozarks through the seasons with 84 essays with accompanying full color photographs.