Asclepias by R. Rintz

cover of Volume 1 of Asclepias by Dr. Richard Rintz
“Asclepias Volume 1” by Richard Edward Rintz

Seventy-six different species of milkweeds grow in the United States. In 1948 Woodson published a monograph about them. This is the first time his study has been updated.

Volume 1 has an overview of the genus history and milkweed morphology. Following these pages, each species has a section with pictures of the living plant, a history of the plant’s discovery and diagrams of the flower and its parts.

Living plants are very different from dried, pressed herbarium sheets. This study was done from the living plants. Each species was tracked down, photographed and studied. Flowers were dissected, diagramed and photographed. Pollinaria were studied. Many of them were germinated from seeds to compare germination styles.

cover of Volume 2 of Asclepias by Dr. Richard Rintz
“Asclepias Volume 2” by Richard Edward Rintz

Historical papers about the different species were tracked down, translated when necessary and used in the descriptions of the individual species. Both historical images and photographs of the living plant illustrate each enty.

This study is written to be understandable by both the botanist and serious amateur interested in these fascinating, complicated plants. It is printed on full size, heavy paper, spiral bound and the almost 900 pages are split into three volumes for easier handling.

cover for Volume 3 of Asclepias by Dr. Richard Rintz
“Asclepias Volume 3” by Richard Edward Rintz

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Browse through some sample pages from Volume 1 of this set. This is a larger pdf file of 55 pages and takes time to load.

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Butterfly weed milkweed, Asclepias tuberosa