Asclepias by R. Rintz

"Asclepias Volume 1" by Richard Edward Rintz

“Asclepias Volume 1” by Richard Edward Rintz

Meet the American milkweeds in this three volume set. Volume 1 has an overview of the genus history and milkweed morphology. Following these pages, each species has a section with pictures of the living plant, a history of the plant’s discovery and diagrams of the flower and its parts.

"Asclepias Volume 2" by Richard Edward Rintz

“Asclepias Volume 2” by Richard Edward Rintz

It takes almost 900 pages to cover everything. The spiral format is more comfortable as three volumes. The pages are a full 8 1/2 by 11, letter size. Each volume is an inch thick.

"Asclepias Volume 3" by Richard Edward Rintz

“Asclepias Volume 3” by Richard Edward Rintz

This book is lovely to look at for the pictures, but is written for the botanist or serious amateur interested in the genus Asclepias. It is available only as a printed, spiral bound set for $200 plus $10 shipping.

If you are interested inĀ  purchasing this set, please use the contact page so we can set this up. It will be available through Amazon in the future, but not for several months. We can arrange for payment through PayPal and Dr. Rintz will ship the set to you.

Browse through some sample pages from Volume 1 of this set. This is a larger pdf file of 55 pages and takes a few minutes to load.

botanical families include Asclepiadaceae like butterfly weed milkweed

Butterfly weed milkweed, Asclepias tuberosa