Discovering the Floral Biology of Ceropegia

Discovering the Floral Biology of Ceropegia by Dr. Richard Rintz

Botany was a popular area of science in Germany throughout the 1800’s. One topic was the genus Ceropegia. The result was many papers written in German about the genus and the biology of the flowers.

Unless a botanist knows botanical German, these valuable papers have been inaccessible. Dr. Rintz, a botanist himself, has translated these papers into English making the papers available in this book.

As a botanist, Dr. Rintz knows about the structures being discussed in the papers and it shows in the translations. He has included many of the original drawings as well as some of his own photographs and findings about Ceropegia flowers.

This 243 page book is only available in print for $60.00.

by a printed book by Karen GoatKeeper

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