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Science does not reside in a book. Information used in science can be found in a book or magazine or on the Internet. Science itself uses this information to try to answer why and how something happens.

Sometimes the process appears simple as it will usually be on the Project and Outside Project pages. The important part is what you think about your project and what you can do with what you found out.

Projects are posted every week over the school year. Over the summer a Project will alternate with an Outside Project. Sometimes one or both will be an Activity instead of an Investigation.

The Project is done in this format:

Project Parts 3in 2 What you are trying to find out.

Project Parts 3in 3

What you need to do the Project. It helps to have everything before you get started.

Project Parts 3in 4

How do you do the Project? Follow the instructions! Of course, you can guess but you might end up doing something totally different answering another question.

Project Parts 3in 5

What information do you need to record for your Project? Check the list on the Project. It’s a good idea to write down things you see going on as well.

Project Parts 3in 6

If you need to draw a graph or do some calculations, this is where you find out about them. Not every Project has calculations so this part is not always on the list.

Project Parts 3in 7

It’s fine to learn new facts. Facts by themselves are just trivia. In science those facts are used to help you understand what just happened and what might happen next. This part lists questions to help you think about the Project you just did.

Project Parts 3in 8

I try to do every Project before I post it on the Projects page. That way I can warn you of possible problems, hard parts and mistakes I make. I can also put in pictures from my Project so you have an idea what your Project will look like. You can compare your results with mine.

I hope you enjoy doing the Projects, Outside Projects and Activities too.

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