GKP Fiction Books

GoatKeepers Press started as a way to share my books with other people. It is trying to grow with other books available too.

As the list of available books grows, its length grows too. So the list will now be split into fiction and nonfiction. The fiction list presently includes novels by Karen GoatKeeper and the anthologies by Missouri Writers, Ink, although many of the stories included in these are nonfiction.

Missouri Writers, Ink is a writers group that writes and publishes short story anthologies as a way to help member writers learn more about writing, editing and publishing a book. There are presently two: Life Lessons From the Heart and Paws, Claws and Hooves: Footprints on Our Lives. A third one is due out this fall.


Fiction Titles available from GoatKeeper’s Press:

Life Lessons From the Heart is an anthology of letters by many authors written about insights into many aspects of life from serious topics to light-hearted fun.

Paw, Claws and Hooves: Footprints on Our Lives is a series of short stories by many authors about their pets of many kinds and their importance to their people.

Running the Roads finds newly 16 Ridge with his dream car and his dream of being a road rally driver. He’s too young now to compete, but not too young to practice his driving. That’s great until Ridge gets into trouble, meets Lisa and finds potential disaster.

Edwina is a very real but invisible friend of Aleta’s. That’s good as Aleta needs a friend and ally as she defies school bullies and comes to terms with her parents’ divorce.

Dora’s Story¬†follows Dora, an Alpine/Nubian doe as she is born and has several owners and many adventures.

Capri Capers finds Harriet with money from the lottery, her dream house and goats and people who want part of that money. They are willing to do many things to convince her to  pay them. Arthur does his best to help and protect Harriet in this wild romp of a book.

The Hazel Whitmore Series:

Broken Promises introduces Hazel living in New York City as she tries to cope with the death of her father.

Old Promises follows Hazel as she moves to Crooked Creek, Missouri, to begin a very different life in spite of opposition from her Grandfather Whitmore.