Broken Promises, Hazel Whitmore #1

cover for Broken Promises, Hazel Whitmore #1 by Karen GoatKeeper

Twelve-year-old Hazel has a great life in New York City. Things change. Her father promises to return from Iraq. He doesn’t. Her friends have grandparents. At the funeral she finds she does too. She was the top student in her private school. She stops studying and the school bully moves in on his new target. She was going to summer camp with her friends. She takes a job babysitting four-year-old Bobby to pay for school clothes and supplies. His father is in Iraq. An unquenchable angry fire burns inside her held in check by a wall of ice. Fire melts ice.

Hazel learns to cook and her recipes are included. The book is written for upper middle grades.

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For those who want to find out more, read these sample pages from the novel.

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