Old Promises – Hazel Whitmore #2

Old Promises

Hazel Whitmore and her mother had to move back to a family home in rural Missouri. The house hasn’t been lived in for years and has layers of dust, cobwebs hanging from ceiling to floor, no running water and no electricity. Is anyone really expected to live in this old house?

Hazel goes from a New York City private school to a rural K – 8 public school called Hanging Rock. No one will talk to her. It seems hazel has relatives who resent her being in Crooked Creek, Missouri, and plan to make her move away.

There is one problem: Hazel and her mother have no where else to go.

The bullying, the cyberbullying, the alien way of life, none of it can force Hazel to give in. At least she hopes it won’t. She does find one friend as lonely and shunned as she is. It’s Hazel and Lily against Hanging Rock School.

Old Promises is written for upper middle grades and is the second book in the Hazel Whitmore series. This is the second edition which includes a recipe section.

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Old Promises by Karen GoatKeeper