Old Promises – Hazel Whitmore #2

cover for Old Promises, Hazel Whitmore #2 by Karen GoatKeeper

Hazel moves from her neat, clean New York City apartment to a hundred year old house filled with eight years worth of cobwebs and dust near the small rural Missouri town of Crooked Creek. She begins her seventh grade school year at Hanging Rock School meeting her cousins. Except they don’t want to know her. Under the guidance of their grandfather they begin a campaign to drive Hazel and her mother away. Hazel is ostracized, left an outcast with one other outcast girl. She digs deep to cope with the bullying, the cyberbullying, even as she struggles with learning to live in the country with no cell phone, no internet and living miles from anywhere.

Hazel continues her cooking through a 4-H Cooking Project. Recipes are included. The book is written for upper middle grades and is the second Hazel Whitmore book.

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