Mistaken Promises, Hazel Whitmore 3

cover for Mistaken Promises, Hazel Whitmore #3 by Karen GoatKeeper

“You will pay.”

Hazel believed her grandmother’s murder and shooting of her mother ended the family feud until she found the note in her school locker. Someone blames her for what happened and wants her punished. What is she to pay for? She didn’t do anything. She is accused of cheating. She is targeted by cyberbullying. She is ostracized by even her best friend. She knows one of her classmates is after her. Which one?

Hazel knows the key lies in finding the person writing the notes. She has a list of suspects. She knows others know the writer’s identity. The writer hides safely behind her family’s loyalty mired down by “Mistaken Promises.”

Hazel is still cooking. Recipes are included. The book is written for upper middle grades.

“Mistaken Promises” includes a recipe section. It is available through Amazon in print for $12.99; through Kindle for $2.99; and through Smashwords for $2.99 or check out your favorite ebook retailer.

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Read Sample pages from “Mistaken Promises”

read sample pages from Mistaken Promises, Hazel Whitmore #3 by Karen GoatKeeper