Waiting For Fairies

cover for Waiting For Fairies by Karen GoatKeeper

A young child finds a mushroom fairy ring in the backyard. Are there really fairies? Late that night the child returns to the ring to wait for the fairies. Each mushroom is visited by an Ozark night creature. Where are the fairies? Perhaps you will find them in the watercolor illustrations in this picture book.

This picture book is illustrated with original watercolor paintings done by the author. Descriptions of the mushrooms and creatures are included at the end of the book. This book is for reading to young children.

The book is available from Amazon. It is listed for $24.99.

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“Waiting For Fairies” is now available through Smashwords from the link below or from other ebook retailers for $2.99.

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Waiting for Fairies” is now available on Kindle for $2.99. The pages are not as nice as I would like as they are squished in from the sides.

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Look over some sample pages from “Waiting For Fairies.”

read sample pages from Waiting For Fairies by Karen GoatKeeper