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Karen GoatKeeper

Karen GoatKeeper with Nubian doe Juliette

Karen GoatKeeper raises Nubian dairy goats, explores the Ozark hills and writes in the south central Missouri Ozarks. She is a former high school science teacher. She grew up in southern California, graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her family toured the contiguous United States before she settled in northwest Arkansas, later moving to the upper peninsula of Michigan, then to the Missouri Ozarks.

Reading and writing have always been important to Karen GoatKeeper. Nature, science and country living form the basis for her writing. Her reading spans many genres as do her books.

A participant of National Novel Writing Month (NaNo), Karen GoatKeeper finds this challenge a good way to get a novel started. The inevitable editing and rewriting is much easier when the basic novel is written.

With fourteen books published, Karen GoatKeeper is hoping to add several more in 2021. Three are science fiction novels although two are very focused on basic science and the third on nature. A chemistry activity book is being outlined. And the botany project continues, although it is years from completion.

Dr. Richard Rintz

Dr. Rintz attended Michigan State University, the University of Maryland and the University of Florida. He received a Ph.D. in botany in. He spent three years teaching in Malaysia for the Peace Corps where he became interested in the genus Hoya and found several new species of them. He later published several papers while working in the Netherlands.

Asclepias is another genus in this group of plants and native to the United States. Dr. Rintz spent ten years traveling around the United States searching out even the rarest of the milkweeds for his work. He found a new species of Matelea in southern Texas. While looking for milkweeds, he came across a pipevine, genus Aristolochia, and began studying them as well. He is now retired and living in the Missouri Ozarks.

In order to find out about past work on Asclepias, Dr. Rintz used grammar texts and dictionaries to teach himself Latin, botanical German and French. He translated papers from the original descriptions to some of the latest work on these fascinating flowers. He did the same for Aristolochia and Ceropegia putting these translations into book form.

Dr. Rintz now lives on a farm in Missouri growing and studying different members of these two plant families.

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  1. Sharon

    I adore your new book, My Ozark Home!
    The photos are beautiful. Seasonal haiku are lovely.
    The writing captures the love you have for the flora and fauna of our lovely hills.

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