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Blind Kid

Several years ago a kid was born or became blind just after birth. Louie’s corneas were damaged and white. Otherwise Louie was a normal bottle baby.

A little doe was born blind a couple of weeks ago. She may be deaf in one ear as well but it’s hard to tell. Like so many kids, goats and human, she has selective hearing.

Raising Louie should help with raising this little doeling or so I thought. She was put on a bottle with the assumption she couldn’t find her mother or compete with her sister. After all, her sister is normal, not blind.

blind doeling nursing

Bottles were fine since they came filled with milk. Then the little blind doeling learned to nurse. This was much better, milk on demand instead of on a schedule.

The little doeling disagrees. She now nurses her mother. A bottle will do for snacking only.

Louie was raised by himself in the house. That was a problem later on as he had trouble bonding with the goats. So I left the little doeling in with her mother and sister.

Juliette answers the little doeling’s calls. She provides a safe haven and point of reference for the blind doeling.

blind doeling

Goats are ruminants and need bacteria to break down their food. Kids get some of it by eating dirt. But the blind doeling smells the ground as she finds her way around in the barn lot. After a few days she seems to know where most objects are.

Louie never played as a kid. He learned to play with Gaius when he was older. The two were almost the same age.

Every evening I bring Juliette and the two kids into the kid pen for the night. Blind or not, the kids race around bucking and bouncing. The little doeling knows where the walls and wire are. She explores everything. She walks out through the cattle panel side to explore the rest of the barn then walks through back in when she is ready.

Out in the barn the doeling explores everywhere and everything. She knows where the goat gym is and can get on the bench at the end. She knows the barn end of the barn lot and plays in various corners then naps in the sun.

blind doeling looking in water bucket

The little blind doeling went exploring and found a bucket of water. At two weeks old the doeling finds water is something to sample.

Like Louie the doeling gets lost easily. The does were going out a gate by the barn usually closed to graze in the small pasture. The doeling followed them out then found she was someplace new.

Louie got his name because of his big voice. When he got lost, he would call until someone went out to show him where the other goats were. His voice was easily heard even from the north and south pastures.

Big voices seem to go with Nubians. The little doeling is finding hers. She called. She got rescued. The gate is again closed.

No, it doesn’t make much sense for me to keep this blind doeling. She will probably need special care all her life. Yet being blind isn’t stopping her.

The doeling is finding her way around even playing with the other kids. She played queen of the mountain on a bale of straw with her sister. Yes, she was up on the bale of straw.

The doeling, blind or not, thinks life is worth working on. I think I will give her a chance.