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Hiding In Tall Grass

Goats don’t care much for tall grass. They don’t know how is hiding in tall grass waiting to pounce on them.

Seeding grasses do get tall. And thick. Looking out across a field, little more than ears show above the grass.

In the barn lot giant ragweed joins the mix. Lots of creatures like giant ragweed. Goats and deer eat the tips. The ragweed compensates by putting out branches.

Nubian buck hiding in tall grass
Grasses are usually wind pollinated and send up tall flowering stalks to catch the breezes. These stalks go up in a few days. My goats find they get lost easily as all landmarks are hidden from them. Kids keep calling as they lose sight of the herd. Nubian buck High Reaches Augustus is a tall buck with his back three feet tall, yet he is almost hidden in the tall grass.

Once the seeds form, birds flock to giant ragweed. They hang on the branches picking the seeds out of their little cups.

Augustus spends a lot of time in the barn lot. Tall as Augustus is, the grasses hid him. He is not so worried about who is hiding in tall grass as the one in residence keeps company with him.

Working in the garden I looked over to see what Augustus was doing. Hiding in tall grass was a pair of ears that definitely did not belong to Augustus. Watching these ears a head appeared, then a body covered with soft brown fur and white spots.

spotted fawn hiding in tall grass
Tall grass hid me as I slipped closer to the fawn once it lay down. The panels are around some large persimmon trees to protect them from the goats. The fawn can easily get through and has additional protection from predators.

Doe deer have worries about their fawns. Coyotes find fawns make great meals and their own babies are hungry. One doe deer has decided the barn lot and small pasture are safer than the woods or big pastures. Another keeps her fawns near the house.

The next morning the goats went down to the pasture gate to go out. I opened the gate and they started out. Suddenly the herd spun about and overran me.

fawn hiding in tall grass
Tall grass helps fawns hide themselves away. The grass also hides predators. Augustus was nearby so this fawn was standing up and eating some grass too. All that really showed were the large ears swiveling this way and that listening for any approach.

Hiding in tall grass the fawn had panicked. It raced down the fence line fleeing this noisy crowd of goats. They were equally panicked and fleeing from the fawn.

The fawn vanished into more tall grass. The goats crept out of the pasture gate. Peace returned to the area.

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