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Acorn Season Arrives

Turkeys were gleaning grass seed in the pastures. They are staying up in the woods now that acorn season has arrived.

Unlike cows, goats can eat lots of acorns with no problems. Like deer goats love acorns.

Nubian doe High Reaches Pamela eating acorns
Nubian doe High Reaches Pamela is definitely enjoying acorns as she chews up the latest mouthful.

Most mornings now I milk, put up the milk, then walk out with the goats. They had been going out to eat grass seeds.

We marched out to the end of the south pasture. They fanned out. I walked back in.

Acorn season has changed the routine. The goats are still eager to get out to the south pasture. They charge up the hill into the woods leaving me to fend for myself.

I wanted pictures of the five little wethers as I do need to sell them and don’t want to go to the sale barn in the middle of the crowds of people who may or may not wear masks and probably ignore social distancing. I took a couple of pictures in the pasture and then went up into the woods.

Nubian goat herd hunting acorns during acorn season
The Nubian herd crosses into the woods and immediately fans out, every head to the ground searching for the acorns. Different kinds of oaks drop acorns at different times and the goats seem to know which trees have the most bounty below them.

The herd was there, heads down, snuffling through the fallen leaves. There were scrapes in some places where the turkeys had been doing much the same.

I took a few more pictures trying to fill out the herd so I can change the pictures in the My Goat gallery. The pictures are mostly of goats with their heads buried in leaves.

There must not be a lot of acorns on the ground yet. The herd took off across the pasture toward another hill. They were soon back to snuffling through the leaves.

acorn season has Nubian doe High Reaches Spring searching for acorns
The goats ignore the vegetation during acorn season. Instead they go looking for the acorns. The acorns make the goats fat as they do deer and turkeys.

In the evening it’s easy to tell acorn season is here. The goats look big, almost bloated. They have this satisfied attitude.

That holds until I open the milk room door. Cool weather, buck musk and acorns seem to make every goat especially hungry.

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