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Bald Eagle Watching Days

Bald eagle watching is popular in Missouri over the winter. Eagle Watching Days are posted for many of the state parks and bigger conservation areas.

I never get a chance to go to any of the formal events. I’m not a birder, only a casual bird observer. Still, large birds soaring in the sky are very impressive.

For the last few years bald eagles have shown up here in my valley. Usually it’s a lone bird that takes a look around, then leaves. My chickens like that idea.

bald eagle watching pays off with this one
Far off across a pasture the most noticeable thing is the white head of a bald eagle. It is an intense white unlike any other thing except fresh snow in sunlight.

I let my chickens out to bug hunt one afternoon. There are few if any bugs in the sinter, but they eat grass and scratch and have a good time.

The flock raced out the gate. I turned to set the gate only to be run over as the flock raced back in the gate and into the house.

A bald eagle had soared over and landed in a tree along the creek. The chickens stayed in their house for a couple of hours, long after the eagle moved on.

This year a poacher dumped a deer carcass in the road ditch a mile away. During the warm months such a cache would attract turkey vultures. They have moved south for the winter. The crows did show up.

Then the eagles showed up. Bald Eagle watching days had come to the valley. There were three or four of them at first. The meat is gone so the eagles should be gone. Two are still hanging around.

bald eagle watching nets pair
This pair of bald eagles moved from one tree to another watching me and my truck as intently as I was watching them.

The road has steep banks, muddy ditches, twists and turns. Still I’m creeping down watching the trees along the creek. The eagles favor the wide pasture up the road.

These eagles are wary. They stay far back from the road and take off at any excuse. They are getting used to traffic going by. For a little road going no where, this road gets a fair amount of traffic.

Once I spot the eagles, I stop and get out of the truck. The camera is on maximum zoom and hard to hold steady. My hands are not as steady as a tripod, but there is no time to set one up.

If I take enough pictures, surely one will come out good. The best part of bald eagle watching along the road is being the only person there.

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