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Snowfall Number Five Arrives

Snowfall, snowfall number five,

Who invited you to come

Spoiling dreams of spring and sun,

Leaving toes and fingers numb?

Snowfall, snowfall number five,

You are not welcome today.

March brings spring and flowers and rain.

Blankets white and cold away!

Snowfall number five ices cardinal's perch
Snowfall number five began with a layer of ice leaving birds with cold perches in the trees. This female cardinal is puffed up to keep warmer in the cold and waiting for her turn eating at the bird feeder.

Snowfall, snowfall number five,

Leaving birds to hunt for food,

Shiver, frozen water too.

Mean and cruel I must conclude.

Snowfall number five buries sparrow's food
Sparrows hop along the ground finding weed seeds and other morsels to eat. Snowfall number five left them looking in vain. The bird feeder became a popular spot.

Snowfall, snowfall number five,

Be the last to come by here.

Spring is due so let it come.

Have a heart and give us cheer.

Reports from other places makes our five little snowfalls look like nothing much. Only a few times has the temperature dropped to near zero and never below. The cold spells last a week and warmer times return.

Ozark winters usually aren’t that bad. I remember some up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and know why we moved.

One of the things that didn’t move with us is the clothing. In places with cold winters, wool clothes are common and warm. They are only available by catalog in the Ozarks. Cotton isn’t nearly as warm.

Warm boots aren’t as easy to find around here either. Cold feet leave me cold no matter how warmly I dress otherwise.

Snowfall number five scattered snow on the hills and rocks along the creek.
Snowfall number five dropped three inches. Wind blew much of it off the hills. Enough was left to put a white backdrop behind the trees. Quiet areas of the creek had a skin of ice.

Snow may be fun for some people. In town one road is blocked off as it goes down a great sledding hill. Snowball fights, building snowmen and other activities are fun too.

Milking and chores are not fun done slogging through the snow. My barn door is on the north side and the snow soon packs into ice. Maybe I can find snap on cleats for my boots.

Better yet, warm sun melts the snow and the ice. Then I get to slog through mud for a few days. Still, I prefer mud and so do the animals including my cabin fevered chickens and goats.

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