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Morning Glories

My father complained about growing morning glories one year then pulling them up as weeds for the next ten. Everyone laughed.

Morning glories are lovely flowers. Since they are vines, they can grow on garden fences dressing them up with color all summer. Garden catalogs have lots of colors to choose from.

purple morning glory

In the shade a purple morning glory has more of a blue cast but the deep pink of the center remains.

I don’t know where my morning glories came from. I didn’t buy any seeds or plant any I know of. One year two morning glories appeared in my garden.

One is a deep purple with pink throat. The other is smaller and powder blue with a white throat.

blue morning glory

Although small, a powder blue morning glory is lovely to look at with its pure white center.

The purple morning glory is much more aggressive. One year the blue one seemed to disappear, overwhelmed by the other one.

Now the two seem to have definite areas. The purple one grows on a short trellis near the bamboo and on the back fence competing with the wild grape. The blue one is on the south side fence.

blue morning glory

Dew still makes fine water beads on this blue morning glory.

Both are covered with flowers in the early morning. Hot sun withers the flowers by noon.

Several insects love visiting the morning glories. Honeybees and bumble bees are among these. Other garden crops such as beans and okra are not as attractive to the pollinating visitors so the morning glories earn their space.

My father was right. Morning glories are persistent.

Most of my garden is heavily mulched to discourage weeds. Morning glories are not deterred popping up through four to six layers of straw.

We have reached a compromise on my part at least. Morning glories are allowed within six inches of the trellis or fences. Vines are welcome on those areas but not on gates. Any other morning glory seedlings or plants are pulled up as weeds.

purple morning glories

The sun makes these purple morning glories glow but will finally make them wilt.

The morning glories come up everywhere hoping I won’t notice them. A few escape notice for a time.

Like the chicory, evening primrose and lamb’s quarters, morning glories will grace my garden every year in spite of the constant battle over how many are acceptable.