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Swim In the Water

Summer temperatures make the creek and nearby river seem very inviting. Lots of people drive by on their way to swim in the water.

We watch them drive by with their children and dogs going there and back again. We stay home.

There is a creek running the length of our place. With all the rain the level is up a bit making some nice deep pools. When we first moved here, there were some pools deep enough to swim in the water.

The creek in summer
Shade, green and gravel, softly noisy water make sitting by the creek a nice pastime in the summer.

We were still close to being city people back then and found the resident fish and snakes intimidating. We did fill our solar shower to take daily baths. We had no house that first summer.

Although I do occasionally walk through the creek now, I don’t relax in it. Snapping turtles visit in early summer. They are hard to spot, cranky, with a mean bite.

Just because I don’t choose to swim in the water doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. Sitting in the shade over the creek usually includes a gentle, cool updraft. The bubbling, gurgling, rippling sounds of the creek are relaxing.

So many creatures live in the creek. Stepping on the stones will crush many of them. There may be an alternative.

This pool is deep enough to swim in the water
In the picture the creek doesn’t look very deep. The main channel is 18″ to 24″ deep for about twenty feet here. I plan to come back with some old sneakers and go wading in the water. Barefoot won’t work for me on slimy, snail covered rocks with crayfish and fish darting about.

No, it doesn’t include going to the river. Noise is part of going to the river for most people. Many of the people going down there are responsible. Others go down to party leaving shattered beer bottles scattered on the river bed. Other trash is left along the shore. As this area is private land, no one bothers to clean it up.

Instead I will walk along the creek. I seem to remember a few places with an overhanging bank and deep pools made for dangling feet. But I still don’t plan to swim in the water.

Relax by an Ozark creek in “My Ozark Home.”