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Tree Frogs As Visitors

This year every time summer settles into the Ozarks, a storm rolls through to laugh at it. The frogs love this.

Normally the tree frogs occupy the rain barrels until June. Then they are off to try to keep cool and damp elsewhere. Behind them are batches of tadpoles growing up, becoming little frogs and hopping away.

Hot, dry weather arrived on schedule. The frogs were silent.

A storm arrived bringing cooler temperatures. The frog chorus began again with renewed vigor. Even as July begins to end the tree frogs are calling from the rain barrels. New batches of tadpoles are hatching out.

tree frogs like it cool and wet
This tree frog found a small, private pool to rest in for the day. Notice the big pads on the toe tips used for climbing.

All these tree frogs need places to stay during the day. One discovered my houseplants. Several of the plants are in self watering pots with water reservoirs at the bottom and a half circle opening to pour water into.

This opening goes into a fist sized pool. Every rain storm fills it. When rain is scarce, I fill it. A tree frog moved in.

One autumn I brought my houseplants inside for the winter. They have a shelf in the bathroom with a grow light and a window. It isn’t really warm, but never freezes either.

Killing frost hit. Several more rolled by. Winter was moving in.

In the bathroom a tree frog began calling every evening.

This was a big problem. Frogs change their physiology to hibernate for the winter. This frog thought winter was over.

tree frogs are grey with brownish stripes.
Grey tree frogs are small. This one is about 3 inches long without the legs. The plant is in the sun so the water got too hot and the frog moved to somewhere else.

Frogs eat live food like insects. I’ll admit my house is popular with insects over the summer, but not enough to feed a frog. Perhaps I could convince this frog to eat purchased meal worms for the winter. Perhaps not.

Winter moves in for a week or so, then retreats for a week or so. When the temperatures eased, I put the frog outside near good winter hibernating places.

This new tree frog is welcome to enjoy my houseplants over the summer. However, I will check carefully before bringing my houseplants in for the winter.